• Ultra Antimicrobial Smart Mat- for Hard Surface

The Sit-Stand Ultra SmartMat is the only anti-fatigue mat that really works for sit and stand desks. It allows the user to move the mat without bending over to pick up or move the mat. If you have someone with back issues you don't want them bending over all the time to move their standing mat.The Ultra SmartMat has the same cushion and function as our Premium SmartMat, but features a thick Antimicrobial rubber top treated for the life of the product. This is also a particularly rugged mat and comes with an extended 6 year warranty, though it will last much longer. In addition, the top is grease and oil proof - and even safe in a welding environment.

The Ultra Smart Mat in our Classic Black color.

 Available in two models: Carpet or Hard Surface.


THE PROBLEM with other mats:
o Anti-Fatigue Mats are great for standing but get in the way of the chair for sitting.
o Chairs must be rolled on top of the mats where they don't fit and "lock" into position OR users must bend down to move the mat.


THE SOLUTION: The Sit-Stand SmartMat
o Foot activated, which allows the mat to "move like magic".
o Easily moved back and forth under the desk without bending or lifting.
o Proven to increase standing times.


WARRANTY: 6 years, prorated replacement under normal usage

Features & Benefits
• Outstanding anti-fatigue qualities
• Antimicrobial rubber top
• Anti-static, slip resistant Nitrile Rubber top surface - will not fade or rot
• Closed-cell nitrile/PVC cushion backing - provides long lasting comfort
• Beveled border remains flexible for life of the mat
• Closed-cell cushion backing is permanently molded to the nitrile rubber surface
• Two styles of glides: for carpet or hard floors
• Made is USA

Ultra Antimicrobial Smart Mat- for Hard Surface

  • $189.00
  • $120.00